Mold Removal

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Any moist area in a home could have the potential mold growing in it. This includes drywall, furniture, roofing, and areas around plumbing pipes in some instances. However, in most cases, you’ll be able to spot mold right away and can call us for mold removal.

We will remove the mold from the home first, as the chemicals and proteins in mold are still active even when the mold is dead. We have to give you the safest environment in your home and we don’t want you to fall ill due to improper mold removal procedures. We make sure any mold removal is performed on affected building materials to eradicate the harmful source completely.

Don't let mold impede the progress of your home remodeling project. If you want a new color painting scheme to your home, do it! If you want new flooring to go along with your furniture installation, do it! We support our clients every step of the remodeling process!

Our construction company is sure to take care of any damage that has been inflicted on your property. For more information on our damage restoration services, contact Perfection Carpentry & Construction, Inc in East Stroudsburg, PA today!